You have performed an illegal operation. (Say it in a British accent. A dramatic one.)

dishdrawerLast Wednesday, Cube Nayber came in and proceeded to have a pretty bad day. First of all, CN could not get in the door. It’s a “secure” door where you have to wave your badge at it and punch in part of your employee number. (No piggy-backing allowed!) It gets finicky sometimes. Then… dun dun dun… CN’s laptop would not boot up. The error message? Something like, “Can’t find disk.” Yeah, roight, we both said. Seen that message before. Usually doesn’t mean there’s no dern disk! Ticket was filed and escalated and the verdict was, “Send that baby back to the Mother Ship!” Been there done that. TWICE! Troubles come in threes, so they say, and there was a number three. All I will say about that was that it involved an elderly relative a trillion miles away but fortunately CN has living siblings, one of whom was “on duty” and fortunately, the crisis subsided. I was relieved for CN. Been there done that too.

Things looked pretty grim for the laptop — the expected turnaround time was 4-5 days and certain working documents were not backed up (and before you start tsk-ing at CN, backing things up is a challenge at my work for reasons that defy description). Anyway, this morning, the word from the Mother Ship was that THERE WAS NO DISK IN THAT LAPTOP!!! Say what? CN was out this morning and the Queen Bee was a bit panicky that we might be dealing with a theft! Which would be a bad thing as well as extremely weird, given the environment we work in. As it turned out, the disk FELL OUT and was found intact [hopefully] in the laptop bag. But no screws to keep it in the laptop. Were the screws missing from the beginning? Would you think to look at the bottom of your brand new laptop to see if there are actually screws holding the innards in? Some people would. I have owned more laptops than I can count at this moment (not to mention my work laptops) and I have NEVER checked to see if there were screws holding things in. We’ll talk about those hubcaps another time…

I finally unearthed the rest of my china. I rarely use the cups and saucers so they were not dredged out of the boxes with the rest of it. It all fits in this drawer! I had toyed with flinging this china (1980s Dansk) and buying something new and more colorful. My mother changed china at some point but I think that was because her Russell Wright collection had considerably dwindled. That was back in the day when, if you wanted replacement pieces, you had to write or call somebody to get replacement pieces. Remember when it cost an arm and a leg to make long-distance calls? (I’m sure it still does if you’re calling Senegal.) Nowadays, I can just head out to various replacement china websites or even eBay and replace stuff clickety-clickety.

I like the idea of storing dishiosheoooos in a big drawer. It’s right across the way from Albert (my dishwasher). (Toying with Albert as a name for the dishwasher. Bertie and Gertie? Gertrude being my stove…) Oh yeah, that’s our current Coffee Station up there on the counter. For now. When the chitchen got finished, I just moved the temporary Coffee Station into the chitchen. I think it will move / morph some before we are finished. For now, it’s okay where it is. It is notable that, for a long time, we did not have a coffee-maker. That would take a whole post, one which I have already written

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Your kitchen looks SO PRETTY. You already know that I suffered from laptop issues a few weeks back and was really sweating it out. Fingers crossed that my district has solved the server issues. Yes, calling Senegal costs about 50 cents a minute on a phone card. Ashley will also (probably) be going to Ghana, Togo and Benin this summer, although I’m focusing on the fact that she’ll be home from June 18th to June 30th. TRYING TO FOCUS ON THAT.