I don’t think there’s enough water in Arizona for me

mystoolsNot to “dis” Arizona at all. I have a couple of cousins living there and I know that they love it. I know that if I ever get down to that area of the country, I would probably love it too. I also know that the climate can vary depending upon where you are in Arizona but I dunno, 110 degrees in the summer folks? Here’s the thing. I love some hot sweaty weather in the summer. Some summers, we have more of that than others, and I suffer through those with long strings of 90-100 degree days. I do not like central air conditioning. I have it in my house but I don’t like to use it. Disclaimer: You better believe I love the a/c in our vee-hickles, stores, and Cubeland. Home? I want to hear the birds and insects and feel whatever breezes might come my way.

I am a shower gal. I ALWAYS take a shower every morning. It’s the first thing I do. If I am in a place without hot water, I take a cold shower. Yes, really. Back when we had to shut off the running water at the Moldy Old Courtois Cabin for the winter, I had a whole system going with a camping shower, pumped water, teakettles, and a bucket. (Here’s a link to that procedure. This was back when I was “rolling my own” blahg. Scroll down to January 20.) I like to be clean! When it is reeealllly hot or I have been out post-holing through the snow in the yooperland, I take a SECOND SHOWER! If I am in the yooperland in the summer, a dip in Gitchee Gumee suffices. I know that I am kind of on the extreme end of things about bathing. I do not care. Water = comfort for me. Oh, not that there isn’t water in Arizona, just that I might need more than two showers if I lived there. Is that acceptable? I will ask my Arizona cousins when I see them in a couple weeks.

Don’tcha love this fuzzy photo? This was taken from the Landfill Back Room under the huge window into the Chitchen. On the bottom left is our Raspberry Pi computer, which runs ISS Above. I wanted it to flash for the photoooo but it wouldn’t cooperate. I dunno where the ISS is but it is apparently NOT above. Next there is the old vintage bar workbench stool that belonged to the GG’s Grandpa Courtois, who died before the GG was born (he thinks). We love this stool and we were looking for a couple more stools that might fit in. We randomly found these red stools from Bed Bath and Beyond and we love them. They are simple(!) and they do fit in, at least to us. And lately, I have been seeing them on the various design blogs that I follow. Who knew.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Arizona is a great place to visit in the winter, but I couldn’t live there in summer. I would be like a caged animal!! 🙂 I take one bath a day, or in the summer, every other day. Otherwise, my skin gets super dry and itchy.