Wanna buy Ile Parisienne?

markethaulYes, really. It’s for sale. I won’t be buying it. Go for it. You’ll need a big bote. Or a helicopter.

Market haul today? Lemme see, tomatoes, cukes, chard, sweet peppers, little potatoes, CORN!!! First local corn of the year! Lamb cubes for kebabs. Lake trout from Monahan’s and huge ribeye steaks from Sparrow Market (in the freezer to schlep to the yooperland next weekend). I walked down to the market but I did not schlep all of this stuff home. My decent market assistant drove down and met me there. He is still evolving whether he wants to or not.

Chores: laundry (including sheets and shower curtain (every Saturday)), Roooooomba in the bathroom, front entry, kitchen, front living room, and the half of the messter bedroom that she can actually get to (and I had to untangle her once). Think I’ll schlep Rooooomba up to the yooperland and put her to work there. I tried that once before but The Commander was still around and, as much as she embraced new technology in her later years, I think Rooooomba flummoxed her a bit. What else? Lasagne sauce and two batches of BBQ sauce to freeze for the yooperland. Donations gathered for the Scrap Box and / or PTO Thrift Shop. Various things into the Ninja trunk to take north: returnable razberita cans (not returnable around here), clean linens, I fergit what else. Oh, a bag of miscellaneous things I’ve been buying / collecting to take up there. These are all the kinds of things I might well forget to pack in the heat of the moment of breaking my neck trying to get out the dern door.

Errands: A box of very miscellaneous stuff to Kiwanis, two (count ’em) trips to the Plum Market. Carefully planned trips, BTW. Second trip began with a walk through Miller Woods.

Sue! Sue! Sue! I love when I run into folks at the farmer’s market that I haven’t seen in a gazillion years. Sue and Jim. Sue peered at me and said, “What did we work on together? Was it girl scouts?” It took me a moment to formulate the words but I said, “It was ‘let’s save MYA’.” Yes. We met in middle school. Our daughters were friends. The school board decided to redistrict and our beloved alternative middle school was a victim. We became part of a small group of parents, teachers, and students who tried to save our school. We were unsuccessful and all I will say about that is that the middle school experience of the older beach urchin (who went to the alternative) was a lot better than that of the younger beach urchin (who went to the “traditional” middle school, you know the kind, where the “cool” kids rule the roost). Both of them ultimately grew up to be successful adults, as I’m sure Jim and Sue’s daughter has. We had a bit of a laugh about our activism back in the day and I think we all agreed we would like to forget that chapter of our lives. Yes, let’s just talk about how many veggies we’ve already schlepped back to the car so we can buy more!

Love y’all and g’night,
Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Wanna buy Ile Parisienne?”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    If you stop at the HL cottage there is a small box from Sally there for you. Best if you stop on the way home.

  2. Margaret Says:

    You wash your shower curtain every Saturday?? Did I read that correctly? I don’t think mine has been washed for a decade, or more…. Love running into people if I’m in the mood to talk. That can be iffy.