No, I do not choose his clothing

metaCamouflage hat and tie-dyed t-shirt? Whaddya mean, those patterns clash? Oooooold raggedy camouflage hat, I might add. Was it something The Gumper fished outta Houghton Lake?

(Excuse me a minute while I deal with a certain bit of Cognitive Dissonance, namely that WKAR is playing jazz whilst talking about the folk music shows we listen to every Sunday night. Okay, the jazz ended. I love jazz, just…)

I knew I couldn’t get a decent photooo of The Admiral. I knew that if I got any closer, he would take off into the wild blue foggy yonder. So instead I got a pitcher [g] of the weird guy (who can’t decide who he is) taking a pitcher [g] of The Admiral. (The LSCHP says “pitcher” too.) R U a hippie or R U in the army?

So gorgeous down by the Urine River this morning. Kayaking probably would’ve been a good choice but we were kind of not prepared. The GG did go down in the middle of the day to float around and read. I opted to stay at The Landfill and do some chores and errands. Well, actually, I wasn’t *invited* to go down to the river. I think he wanted his own trip so he could go at his own pace and midday is not my fave time to be out on the river. I prefer the early morning hours. Anyway, I was space-i-fied for a couple hours and that is always appreciated on a Work Weekend.

I have done a lot of stuff with food this weekend. Shopping for it, cleaning it (farmer’s market stuff), cooking it, eating (some of) it, throwing (a lot of) it in the freezer. You name it. Planning ahead so that I can sit on the moominbeach instead of cook. Although cooking at the moomincabin is really not that much of a chore. It is fun for the most part, except when you are constantly besieged by demands for food from small children but that’s when you institute the 3:00 Snack!

The Commander loved cooking with her four granddaughters and I remember her teaching the 3-1/2-year-old Lizard Breath how to cut veggies with a Sharp Knife. Yes really. Not sure if that became a tradition or not. You can do things with your eldest grandchild that aren’t always possible with others due to logistical problems. Like I remember a time when The Comm navigated the teensy cabin kitchen along with ALL FOUR granddaughters on various stools — probably Liz was tall enough by then to not need a stool. I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t teaching kitchen knife skills to that many small children! I am sure that she would have liked to spend that kind of quality time with each and every one of them though and maybe she did more than I know about.

One of the Fun Activities up at the moomincabin is to spy on people at the Old Cabin and Don & Katie’s. (I kid you not, The Comm told me that *my* grandma (the beautiful Margaret Fin) used to come over to our cabin to do just that [lol]). So yes, there was The Comm cooking in the moomincabin, surrounded by cute little blonde girls on stools, watching Bugs and Horsey sitting on their back deck eating a nice, quiet lunch. Process that, if you will. I am still laughing about it.

I am loving that Don & Katie’s house is being used this summer and that there are KIDS on the beach. Playing, swimming, kayaking, whatever. I love having all sorts of relatives of every degree of relationship all over the place up there! I love when I am not the only person hanging around on the dern beach. Like I was the day the Uncly Uncle’s flip flops disappeared and I was flummoxed! The Twinz of Terror went out in the Motor Bote and the ONLY person on the whole beach the entire time they were gone was MEEEEEE….

There is a town in north Ontario… Helpless… On the folk radio show I’m listening to. You know I turned the volume up. Good night, -KW

One Response to “No, I do not choose his clothing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That outfit is eclectic–how’s that for a word that can mean either positive or negative? 🙂 My MIL taught my older daughter to can and my mom taught her to sew. My friend showed her how to knit. I guess it does take a village, eh?