ellyActually, I have always hated the word “awesome” in its modern slang usage or whatever you call it. I prefer words like fantabulous. So how come I have been using “awesome” lately? I do not know. At least in part because people that I LIKE use it all the time. So, what are some things that I think are awesome? Lemme see…

The “tiny house” trend. Sooooo awesome. Get rid of STUFF, downsize, SIMPLIFY! A while back, The Beautiful Sari and I were talking about this and I said that I didn’t think I could (at this point in my life) live in a TRULY tiny house (you know, 100-300 square feet or whatever) but I could CERTAINLY live very well in the space I have (1400? I fergit).

Speaking of TBS? Awesome that she is currently not employed (by choice) and is therefore able to return to Monday Morning Coffee at Barry’s (which actually happens on Thursday these days but MMCB is a better, less tongue-twisting acronym than TMCB). I got to know TBS in middle school. Our kids were friends and she was also an active participant in the unsuccessful activism I mentioned the other day — “let’s save MYA”. Nowadays, she is also known as Bubbe, at least to one very important learning-to-talk-type person.

My cuzzint Jay of Raincharm is riding up to the yooperland with me at the end of the week! Looking forward to the awesome company and all the cackling, babbling stuff that cuzzints who grew up together but don’t see each other too often nowadays do.

Yer fav-o-rite blahgger is awesome for getting The Landfill Chitchen in order almost a whole week before traveling to the yooperland. Leftovers tonight, pasties tomorrow night. If we are outta food by Wednesday, we’ll go to Knights or walk downtown. Yer fav-o-rite blahgger hesitates to EVER say that she herself is awesome though because she is definitely an imperfect person and pride always comes before a fall. So knock on wood bigtime here.

Finally, the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe. I remember my parents, who were young during WWII, playing this song when I was a kid. They loved it and were having fun and it is an AWESOME song.

My five NINE blahg readers are awesome.

2 Responses to “Awesome!”

  1. jane Says:

    you can certainly be awesome without being perfect. 😉 and if you guys go out Wed let me know – I have no social engagements this week and it’s been quite a while since we did dinner!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Have fun with Jay! I always search for a better, more descriptive word than “awesome” and often find one, although it is often just as overused.