It is impossible to “sneak” if you are towing the Lyme Lounge

It was a great weekend but this morning it was time to pack up and go. Since the next time we return to the moomincabin, it will be to close the place for the season, packing took a bit more thinking than usual but since we have decluttered quite a bit and don’t have The Commander’s food to deal with (miss The Comm but don’t miss moving her to town), it’s really not all that bad. We said farewell to Bugs and Horsey and reluctantly pulled the Frog Hopper out of our pine-needle-paved parking lot. Oh how I wished we were just heading off to Naomikong or Duck Lake or the Niagara Escarpment for a hiking trip. Not.

One of these days I will do the annual Labor Day Mackinac Bridge walk. I guess you could say it’s on my bucket list? I suppose it would be if I *had* a bucket list. Today, again, we drove. It was a smoother drive than, say, the year Radical Betty died and we held a memorial celebration the day before Labor Day. A couple of vee-hickles broke down on the bridge that year and it was a MESS! Mouse and her sekint cuzzint Robyn and I c-r-a-w-l-e-d over the bridge. The GG did do the walk that year along with a bunch of my Cfam out-laws and some NCT folks. Wouldn’t you know that we *saw* him riding the bus back over the bridge after his walk. I would link to that day back in 2009 (how can it be five years already?) but I was so frazzled I didn’t even write about the bridge! Anyway, people are only allowed to walk the bridge once a year and this is what it looks like when they do.


We picked up the Lyme Lounge at the Uncly Uncle’s house in Gaylord and continued on down and I was feeling a little Melon Collie (oh, nothing “pacific”, just end of summer type doldrums). And then phone calls and text messages started to arrive. First, Mouse was driving down from a northern lower camping expotition to Daytwa. For some ridiculous reason, I interpreted this to mean that she was about at the same latitude as we were so, when we hit a slowdown at Standish, I texted her about that. I didn’t hear back right away (which was OKAY because she was DRIVING) but she texted when she arrived in the D — she was waaaayyy ahead of us!

Then there was some fun Twittering and texting back and forth with Lizard Breath. Several threads but one of the funnier ones was about someone who has a kid that looks a lot like yer fave blahgger when she was little. She sent me a pic, which I won’t share but there is a resemblance and here is yers trooly making kind of a Duck Face. The friend’s kid is much cuter than meeeeee. Probably nicer and smarter too…


It was a good thing that we were direct about cleaning up and packing today (we usually are) and it was a good thing that Mouse also got outta Dodge when she did because the next communications were about severe storms in the north country. Our Partners in Porterization were also driving down today and they called to ask about weather reports. Just as I was about to call them and tell them to STOP for a while, Our Northern Correspondent Paulette texted to warn me about storms. I greatly appreciated that and I was happy to report that we were in the Birch Run area by then, which was waaaayyyy south of the storms. But I was worried about our our PiPs. Hopefully they made it back to The Planet Ann Arbor safely. Here is what the radar looked like.


Home. Unpacking. Chores. Errands. Rain! Lotsa water coming down but only a bit of the rumbly sort of thunder. Nothing severe.

2 Responses to “It is impossible to “sneak” if you are towing the Lyme Lounge”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sad to see the end of summer-I’m feeling melancholy as well. That is a VERY cute photo of you! And I don’t really believe in Bucket lists, although I’m being mindful of some things I want to do in the next few years, just because!

  2. l4827 Says:

    We made it down here. It took over six hours and boy did it rain north of Gaylord. What a wall of water. Thanks for the thoughts.

    That was a really nice photo with the oar boat emerging from the mist up there.