It’s a Football Sunday somewhere but not here, at least not exactly…

fall3I hear people saying something like, “uMich is playing *football* this year.” That means that they have a different coach and that is as far as I will go with that. I think they were probably playing football yesterday although I wasn’t paying attention because… They lost in the last possible nano-second by some kind of miraculous event that I couldn’t explain if I tried because, even if I had been watching the game and *understood* football beyond mindlessly yelling “first and 10, let’s do it again”, I wouldn’t’ve understood. I’m sorry that uMich lost. They’ve had some rough years. Even though I went to MooU, if I am a fan of any college team anywhere it is uMich. I was a childhood fan and have been a tax-paying denizen of the Planet Ann Arbor for most of my adult life. uMich is not the be-all or the end-all but I will always root (root root) for the home team, whether or not I am watching/understanding the game.

What I did *greatly* enjoy was a marching band pic that someone posted on facebook. It wasn’t MooU or uMich. It was a bunch of high school friends who ended up at *both* of those universities and met at the big house this weekend. They posed for a pic with alternating uMich and MooU band members in their uniforms. I dunno who any of them are and I can’t even remember who posted the photo.

KW? I spent today doing a Clothing Cull and kind of looking around perusing some future flinging prodjects. And then after lunch, I was bored and it was a gorgeous brilliant sunny day and my feet started getting restless. I did not have a built in hiking pardner today so I faaaarrrred up the Frog Hopper and drove down to Barton Dam Park to take a beautiful solo urban hike. And then my Mouse came over for a quick little visit that ended up with us galumphing down for a little hike in Miller Park.

Our little hike was interrupted a few times by text messages from the GG, who was at the Lion’s game today, which is why I didn’t have a hiking partner, at least not until Mouse showed up. uMich lost yesterday. The Lions WON today. That is usually not the case. Happy dance here although I could not care less about team sports in general and am now doing the Sunday night thing of listening to whatever folk music public radio serves up while dinner is in the hopper.

One Response to “It’s a Football Sunday somewhere but not here, at least not exactly…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My college team and professional team lost this weekend, so it wasn’t a great weekend, but sports are just entertainment, so I don’t worry about it much.