Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radioactivity

rusticlifeWhoof! Being a Building Moom is hard work. I am not really a building moom but as there is currently a temporary issue going on at work, I was drafted into service to baby-sit the foyer until the issue is rectified. The LSCHP sidled up to my cube late last week and I could tell by the look on his face that he wanted to ask me for something but was a wee bit nervous about it. What the heck, sit in J’s old space next to the foyer and deal with one or two (or three) interlopers a day? Sure. But hey? What about the phone? Uh, the phone? … … … Duh? There’s a phone? What *about* the phone? Turns out that when you call that phone, you get a busy signal. Scratch one task off my list.

So I got to work today and after about five minutes of sitting in my regular cube, I remembered that I was supposed to be filling in as building moom, so I moved. Exactly *three* strangers entered the foyer today. 1) A guy who needed to “install” some sort of “line” or something. 2) A solicitor with promotional info about a food truck. 3) Someone asking if we had any “backup tapes” for him to pick up. It wasn’t until later that I wondered if I had fallen into a time warp of some sort. (October 21, 2015 is coming up, roight?) Backup *tapes*? Whaaaa?

For the most part, it turned out that my main responsibility was to hit the Magic Button every time the LSCHP walked out of the building and back in and did not want to bother using his badge to get in the interior door. Fortunately, most people didn’t ask me anything about food or menus or how to fix something or locate something because I was USELESS. Because that’s not the kind of stuff I am *paid* to do and I was not *asked* to do that stuff, thank you very much. Hopefully, a new building moom will be on board sooner than later and I can crawl back into my loverly, [once] dog-poopy cube.

It’s late and I’m taaaarrrred. I am now baby-sitting Lizard Breath’s laundry [and hoping I haven’t ruined anything!] while she and Mouse attend a concert downtown tonight. Liz and I walked downtown to meet the GG for dinner at the Griz, then hit up Literati, then Mouse’s work, then a wee nightcap at the Oscar Tango, where we were greeted cheerfully with something like, “What day is this?” by a bartender who knows us as Friday regulars. I love that photo of me galumphing along through Miller Woods on the way downtown. My rustic life, as a facebook / childhood friend referred to it 💜💚💛

2 Responses to “Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radioactivity”

  1. Sam Says:

    Visitors #1 & #3 sound like spies in the Hollywood world, and possibly #2 as well. Love that photo….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I would hate that job too because I would be bored, yet nervous that I would let someone pass who shouldn’t. 🙂 Sounds like a good day in general though!