Tryyyyying to get into the spirit

Y’all know which one. This has been (knock on wood) a warm December so far and I am thankful for that after the last several years, especially that terrible albeit beautiful Polar Vortex winter. 2014.

We’re facing down the 2015 holiday season with no snow [knock on wood] and a torn-apart bathroom. Decorations? Huh. I’ve made some very minor inroads into gifts for people but when your kids are as old as mine are, it’s hard. They don’t need anything and we’re all still dealing with getting rid of all the crap I bought them when they were small children. We all have too much stuff and we don’t want anything more but it’s always nice to open a gift or two on Christmas morning.

Today? What was wonderful about today? I walked down to the farmer’s market and the GG met me there with the Ninja. We won’t talk about the morning… But we did walk downtown for lunch and “xmas shopping”. Lunch? We were able to snag seats at the Griz today at the bar where our friend Janelle works. She’s getting married in a couple weeks and we got hugs before we left. She is a wonderful bartender and we’ll miss her when she finishes college and gets a “real” job. Whatever the heck that means.

After lunch, we forced ourselves to walk up and down Main Street to look for xmas presents. I didn’t really want to go into Peaceable Kingdom even though I love it but I did and wouldn’t you know, we found a few things there. I bought these glasses for Froggy and Green Guy and the folks at Peaceable Kingdom were so happy that I wore them out of the store. I subsequently wore them all over the Main Street area on the Planet Ann Arbor.


Of course these glasses were really for Froggy and Green Guy. So Froggy has the Santa hat glasses. Green Guy is stuck with the snowflake headdress.


Love y’all. KW.

3 Responses to “Tryyyyying to get into the spirit”

  1. Sam Says:

    Subhead: two cute couples.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I hate shopping for gifts and have very few to give, but the girls will have a couple to open. (not exciting ones at all, that’s for sure) Love the festive outfits! Hope the bathroom remodel is progressing well and isn’t TOO stressful!

  3. Pooh Says:

    The GG must not be smiling b/c he didn’t get to wear the snowflake headdress!