Closed UP

closedUPWell, not really. At least not if you have a Mackinac Bridge commuter card or a four-dollar bill. We used our commuter card and so here we are, hanging out in the yooperland on this winter solstice new moon kind of weekend. Dark and dreary? Yes it is! Until the xmas lights come on and the good cheer starts to flow.

It was a long albeit fun day. It began by providing nitrogen (and whatever) to the Landfill Back Yard and taking a shower in the Landfill Dungeon. And then a drive up the thankfully dry I75 SUV Speedway to meet up with the UU and The Beautiful Gay at Diana’s Delights in Gaylord. Can I tell you how much some of us were Delighted when we found out that Diana’s Delights serves whine for lunch? Yes.

Onward to the yooperland where we are meeting up with our HSS North Country Trail buddies tomorrow to hike. We’re doing something different this time. We have no business in Sault Ste. Siberia for the moment (although there are family members in that area who we dearly miss) and the cabin is closed for the winter so we’re staying at a motel here in St. Ignace. I walked a mile and a half down the street and back up along the waterfront boardwalk (part of the NCT) until the GG finally texted me something like, “WTH ARE YOU?” I texted back “Walking the waterfront” and fewer than 60 seconds later, as people were disembarking from the Mackinaw Island ferry, we met up. And did a wee bit of shopping. Including the Voyageur Trading Post, a place that had a note saying it was closed for 15 minutes so we started walking on until the GG saw Alan coming to open up the door. We went inside and that turned out to be fortuitous for all of us, Alan because we bought some things and us because we discovered a new place to shop for art. It was all good and then it got exponentially better when “somebody” mentioned the North Country Trail and Alan said that he had just encountered Kay and Stan at the post office. Oh! We know them! yada yada yada yada, we’ll see them tomorrow! Good times.

In another fortuitous coincidence, a high school friend of mine (who has a Michigan I75 SUV Speedway rest area named after him, no less and go figger) saw my “I’m crossing the Mackinac Bridge” facebook post and it turned out he wasn’t far behind me.

Anyway, after a Dinosaurs Poop In the Grass episode and a wonderful lunch in Gaylord and more driving and a bunch of walking and some shopping and getting a few grokkeries and tons of driving throughout all of it and FINALLY some downtime, we got dinner at the restaurant here at the Driftwood and now we are chilling out yet again. I think we are done watching “Cops” but not sure what we’re watching now. Something like Volgagrad Russia and a twisting bridge. Glad it’s not the Big Mac and thinking about the *old* Tacoma Narrows.

Love y’all and g’night. KW.

Oh yeah and whew!

2 Responses to “Closed UP”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Galloping Gertie? That was a scary bridge that came down; driving over the current Narrows Bridge, I can’t imagine how far down it had to fall. Scary. It sounds like a great time where you are, complete with indoor plumbing. 😉

  2. Sam Says:

    Never been in the Voyageur Trading Post; maybe will take the time to stop (momentum difficulties, however…)…sometime soon.