First world problems

We left The Planet Ann Arbor before 7:00 AM this morning. I was driving. The Master of the Universe checked the traffic as we were driving up North Maple and figuring out whether we should do the I75 SUV Speedway or the Lansing route. At the last minute, as we approached the N. Maple/Miller intersection, we made the executive decision to go I75. There was a short slowdown on northbound US23 just before the I96 interchange but we made it through and it wasn’t until afterwards that we found out that there was a messy semi-truck collision on eastbound I96. It happened around the time we left the Landfill but fortunately we missed the worst of it. First world problems.

We didn’t stop except for coffee at McDonald’s (exit 78) until we got to Houghton Lake, where we picked up the Lyme Lounge. It was so beautiful at Houghton Lake today that we wanted to stay. But we needed to travel further north to the moomincabin. First world problems.

We hit up the Glen’s Family Fare grokkery in Gaylord for a few provisions. As the GG was heading out of that parking lot, I could see that we would *never* be able to make the required left turn to get back on to the I75 SUV Freeway. But oh hey, we could make a right and schlep over to OLD US 27 and take that up to Vanderbilt. A beautiful stretch of by-way and back on to the freeway at Vanderbilt. And a virtual wave to the Uncly Uncle as we passed Otsego Memorial. First world problems.

I posted a pic of the Big Mac Bridge as we were crossing it. After we paid our toll, we went off to the side to top off our commuter card. As the GG went in to do that, I checked facebook and found that Toni and Brad were crossing to the south. They had seen my post and noticed our green Outback (the Frog Hopper) and scamp trailer (Lyme Lounge). Virtual wave!

A beautiful afternoon on the beach and bank. The GG and C*Q*L re-webbed beach chairs and then after dinner, the GG brought comforters down to the beach and we sat with npJane and Rey watching for meteorites and northern lights. We saw a few meteorites but bagged it before any northern lights came out. First world problems.

I had a whole bunch of pics from today but for whatever reason wordpress won’t let me upload them. First world problems.

Love y’all. KW

2 Responses to “First world problems”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Love to all of you!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Overall, a great day with good perspectives on first world problems. I need to refocus too and not stress about small things.