Getting by with a little help from my cuzzints

And my daughters and nieces and my aunt and uncle and The GG. Today was an epic beach day and I cannot believe how tired I am. I was about to do the dishes and write my blahg when the GG dragged me out for a little sunset cruise in the motorbote. He even told our usual cap’n C*Q*L that he didn’t require her services tonight, as he was taking his “girlfriend” for a cruise. That would be meeeee.

Anyway, this morning, C*Q*L was practicing math problems in the sand, in preparation for her first day of 3rd grade on Tuesday. Math is her fave subject. Math was *my* fave subject. I don’t remember ever doing math problems in the sand and I was entranced by this.


And then we went for a cruise in the motorbote.


It was an absolutely gorgeous morning on the water in front of the moominbeach.


Well, except for when the motor cut out and the GG had to keep re-a-starting it. (Don’t worry, we had oars and a kayak paddle.)


The motor did get going again and that’s about when the GG let C*Q*L take over as Cap’n. She is a supersmart kiddo and a wonderful motorbote cap’n.


I am an introvert and I have been struggling a bit this weekend so I had to work really hard to feel social today. What helped with that was riding in the motorbote with the GG and C*Q*L and hanging out with npJane and Rey on the beach and water-walking with npJane in the late afternoon and talking with Bugs and Horsey and The Beautiful Jan. Bonus was all the folks hanging out on the beach in front of Don and Katie’s old place today, swimming and kayaking and making a beach faaaar. Love everyone so much.

2 Responses to “Getting by with a little help from my cuzzints”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Beach fire, friends and frolicking here west of Birchpoint. Great weather!

  2. Margaret Says:

    The weather looks lovely and the social interactions sound wonderful too. I am also a bit introverted and like my private time. I enjoy people, but when I’m done, I’m DONE. (and I want to cocoon myself with a book and no one around)