No shirt no shoes.

We dragged my young cuzzint Rey (1st cousin, once removed) out on a loooooong boat ride today. It was too long for me. The original plan was to hug the shoreline up to the state park and back. We got to the state park, honking a couple of Porterization folks out of bed along the way and probably annoying most of their neighbors.


But then we veered off to the Back Bay… To find Cindy’s place…


We did get to the back bay but we did not find Cindy’s place. There were pontoon botes over there but I sure couldn’t tell you which one was Cindy’s and I never did find her towel but that’d be a whole ‘nother story.

We took the hypotenuse back home and I had been in the dern bote long enough that when the GG started lusting after the Pickle Finger, I nixed it, so we headed for our own Guano Island and then straight into the moominbeach. I did some good time sorting out some of the last of The Commander’s stuff in the garage today and then I had a beer on the beach. Oh man was I missing npJane today…


Some people were shooting BB guns while I was drip-drying down on the bank after a bit of late afternoon kayaking and a swim (which was *not* related to the kayaking).


It was hotter than Hades on the beach this afternoon but the sun is definitely heading south.


We did a sort of community dinner here tonight. It was informal like the ones I remember when I was a kid. We grilled some duck breasts along with some side dishes. Rey brought over some leftover lasagne to heat up. We sat outside to eat and then the GG went down to deal with botes while yer fav-o-rite blahgger did dishes and kitchen stuff.

One more day here. Wish it could be more.

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  1. l4827 Says:

    Morning geese seem to be heading west. Nice to see them.