Living dangereusely with opinionated women

Spoiler alert! This post is essentially anti-Trump. *I* am anti-Trump. But my focus here is on the iron-clad women who were the strong (but benevolent!) forces in my upbringing so if you can deal with the anti-Trumpness, read on <3

If you are one of my nine Reglear Nucular Taggers, you have seen this pic of my moom (at 88) before. She was not going after Donald Trump with that knife. He wasn’t on her radar screen at that time. I’m not sure he was on *anyone’s* radar screen except for the tabloids, which “we” did not follow (nose in air, yes really). She was aiming the knife at me. I can’t really remember what I had said to deserve that but (OF COURSE) it wasn’t a serious gesture. We were all having fun and gnoffing like crazy. Because that’s what the FinFam *does*. And that’s one of the reasons The Comm married my dad.

I can’t imagine what The Commander might have had to say about Trump as president. At the time this pic was taken, he was a tabloid/reality crap-show creature and I know that The Comm and Radical Betty would have gnoffed and gnoffed and gnoffed at the suggestion that Trump would ever become the president of the United States. On one hand, I’m glad neither of those women lived long enough to see that eventuality come to pass. On the other hand, I would love to hear what they might have to say about it…

Back in the fall of 2006, I traveled up to see my moom and Radical Betty. At that time, a little kerfuffle in the news was that a US congressman (Mark Foley) had been caught texting inappropriate messages to pages and interns, etc. The Commander was totally incensed by this and I will never forget her opinion. “Why under the sun do we have people like *that* in the *government*?” Here is a link to that and some other quotes from that afternoon. None of them have anything to do with Trump. In fact, I’m not sure *who* some of them are about.

I have one aunt/uncle set left on each side of my family. My FinFam aunt Bubs is doing well and following in the tradition of her sister and sister-in-law in fine form! So I am going to pimp my cousin Jay’s blahg so you can read what a wise and seasoned FinFam woman has to say about the current presidential administration. Love you Bubs if you read this.

Here is where Trump supporters may want to turn off the road because I almost did a spit-take with my OJ early this morning when I found out that some buzzfeed guy has made a “children’s” Trump truck board book.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Very difficult to believe that Trump is president: I know my parents at 88 and 84 are extremely anti-Trump. But these are people who have lived through the depression, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and many presidents. He is the worst of the worst. (in their opinion)