Weekend outtake

Yes, I took Frooog to the bar. The Tiki Bar, that is. That’s where we ate dinner Thursday night. We did not schlep over there in the Pontoon Bote. The GG chose to cut the cFam Group Home lawn instead of scramble the bote. Which was fine.

I have schlepped Frooog all kinds of places. He accompanied us to the Hotel Ojibway on several occasions related to taking octogenarian relatives out for brunch. The Commander and Radical Betty on Easter and Mother’s Day, etc. I don’t personally enjoy being “honored” by brunch at a restaurant on Mother’s Day but it worked out well at the time and maybe I’ll feel differently when I attain that age. I have no clue what the wait staff thought about the Frooog, especially when Radical Betty was talking to him in her Bearss Voice (and he was replying).

The day that my brother The Engineer died was a surreal one. He had been taken to the hoosegow the night before and I had a hunch that he wasn’t going to make it. I futzed around all that morning, going shopping (I used to do that) and doing chores. When the call came that I needed to get up there (his family lived 45 minutes north at the time), I found myself heading up N. Maple toward the freeways with FROOOGGY (my Comfort Aminal) and NOT my purse… I was there when he made the journey over to the other side. I will always believe that he waited for me to be there before he left. My parents could not be and it fell to me to notify them.

On a lighter note, there was the time that I mailed Frooog out to California. I was gonna visit Lizard Breath when she first moved out there after college. I had already mailed a vial of her grandfather’s ashes out there, why not a frog? I did visit and stuffed him in my carry-on for the plane trip back. The TSA apparently did not notice him.

And then there was the time I took him to WORK! Yes, really. We were having a Halloween party that day and the LSCHP espied him in my cube and said, “Froggy would be a good decoration for the party!” Indeed he was. Brooooosie especially loved him. I still have some artifacts from Broooosie’s time at Cubelandia.

Froggy is old. I bought him for Lizard Breath’s 10th birthday or thereabouts. The clerk I was checking stuff out with at Meijer said, “That is the ugliest aminal I have ever seen.” When Lizard released Froggy from his package, Mouse jumped up and down with glee. “Froggy! Froggy! Froggy!” (Take that, Meijer clerk.)

Froggy isn’t always easy to have around. Once, while we were getting ready for school, there was a big ugly fracas. Who left the stool in the doorway? I can’t remember why that was important but no one would own up to doing it and it caused an argument involving tears and yelling. And then, somebody said, “Froggy put it there.” And yes, the stool was in that location for some reason that involved Froggy (that I can’t remember) and after taking a moment to catch our breath we all collapsed in laughter.

At one point Froooogggy caused so much trouble around here that the GG banished him to the basement for a period of years, commuting his sentence after at least one of the Beach Urchins went off to college.

He’s been back for years now and although I don’t always remember to schlep him around, he remains my own personal Comfort Aminal.

2 Responses to “Weekend outtake”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the story about blaming Froggy for the stool. I don’t have a comfort animal, unless you count Mari. 🙂

  2. isa Says:

    next time all our brains are close together can we try to replicate the BEARSSS voice? It’s just on the edge of my memory…