A stinkbug in the house is a bad thing…

Even if it is a dead dried up stink bug. I found it on the counter next to the Cuisinart. Its feet were sticking up and it took me a few (eeeewwww) tries to flip it over so I could see its true colors.

The first time I encountered a stinkbug (late last summer in the back yard) I thought it was pretty enough to take a picture of it and post it on instagram. I had NO CLUE what it was. Oh dear. Apparently they take over your house. Oh dear. We sprinkle diazinon around the Landfill perimeter to discourage ants and mice. I wonder if that will discourage stink bugs…

Random memory. When the Beach Urchins were very young (maybe Mousie wasn’t even around yet), it was My Old Coot who administered our first dose of diazinon. I can still remember him walking resolutely around our house with a mask on.

Where was I?

I dunno. I switched up my Thursday Coffee with MMCB to Wednesday because my 9:00 AM Thursday meeting with Israel is not going away any time soon. I don’t know those guys very well but I like them and enjoy attending the meeting (plus it is part of my job, hello, I get paid for this). I’m not sure whether these people are Jewish or not (not everyone who lives in Israel is) but it kinda cracks me up wondering if they know that my coffee buddies are Jewish. Of course they also may not know that I am a baggy old WASPy type person. They seem to like me anyway from what little bit we interact with each other but I am mainly an ear and a scribe at these meetings so I don’t say much. But still. I’m just pondering life, the universe, and everything here. Not trying to make any kind of big statement.

Long slodge home from Cubelandia today and it has been hot but it looks like thunderstorms are movin’ on in. We need some of those.

One Response to “A stinkbug in the house is a bad thing…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Stink bugs are that destructive? Yikes. I didn’t think so. I found one in my bedroom a couple months ago. Nothing since then though. Those stupid tiny ants (moisture/sugar ants) are giving me a run for my money though. 🙁