Brain splattered all over the map

On my [spam] email today, I learned that Meghan Markle’s fave mascara costs less than $10. I think mine is less than that. Maybe not. I usually order makeup on the internet these days so I may not notice the price although I would certainly notice if it was something like $20 or $30 or $50 and it is not.

In recent years, I have switched from the Maybelline mascara that I started wearing in junior high to… [I can’t remember what]. The Commander did not want me to wear make-up at all in junior high but if you have acne (and I did, pretty severely) experimenting with makeup is a natural thing to do. You can imagine how The Comm reacted when her eccentric older sister sent me FALSE EYELASHES for my 13th birthday. You can maybe also imagine what those false eyelashes looked like on me after I-e-I-e-I applied them… I still wear eye makeup most days. A wee bit of eye shadow and mascara that takes me about 15 seconds to put on. I gave up lipstick when I became a serious flute player back in 7th grade.

BTW I am not an avid fan of the British royalty or celebrities of any kind. That said, although I didn’t watch the Royal Wedding, I definitely clicked over to various articles about it. It’s plain old human interest. This stuff is fascinating. What is it like to be born into a royal family? What would it be like to marry into a family like that? How will Meghan Markle manage it? I do not know. Could I do it? Noooooo. I am Queen of the Landfill Backyard and that’s about it.

And I am *again* sitting in the backyard. I had to go inside for a bit while a rainstorm rolled through. I did NOT want my MacBook Pro to get wet and there wasn’t enough overhang out here to keep the rain from the keyboard. So I sat for a bit in my Winter Seat by the front window on the Green Couch. Alas, we still have glass in the “screen” door so it was hot there. The GG did not remember to replace the glass with screen before we left and he is still gone and I am not crazy about the idea of schlepping that big glass door up from the dungeon plus I’m not totally sure how to switch the door out. It’s easy to do that kind of thing at the moomincabin, not so much down here. I’m not complaining. If *I* had remembered to *remind* him, he would’ve taken care of it.

The photoooo is from *last evening* in the Landfill back yard. We had rainstorms then too and I had to go inside *then* *too*.

One Response to “Brain splattered all over the map”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t wear any eye make up but I do wear lipstick, for some reason. Makes me feel powerful. 🙂 I found it amazing how much the royal families have changed by welcoming many different people into their ranks. Not just Meghan, but other countries have had royals marry some people who, in the past, would have been considered undesirable.