Back in the ice cream social days

I think about Amazon Woman as my (awesome) boss. I know that she has a daughter in one of our public elementary schools. I totally did NOT know that she was a PTO officer for a couple of years. She was heading off after work today to run a booth or whatever at her kid’s school tonight, hoping her kid would even be there. Don’t ask.

Most of our elementary schools had their annual end-of-year events today. At Haisley it is the ice-cream social. It was going on tonight but I didn’t really realize it until I was walking home from Knight’s and saw extra cars driving down the street and people walking. The music was just finishing up as I walked outside to sit on the patio for a bit.

We volunteered at the ice cream social every year our kids went to that school. There were all kinds of old-fashioned games the kids could play and a cake walk and bouncy-house type things and a raffle and Faz’s pizza and I fergit what else. My worst time there was helping with the cake walk. Jeebus. At the end of the night, all of the organized cakes were gone and me and the PTO prez were throwing whatever ugly conglomeration of cakes and cupcakes we could schlep onto a plate together. People were still lining up in the cake walk to “win”. I don’t get it. I like cake but I like it in VERY SMALL DOSES. Like once or twice a year when people in my building celebrate things and I snag a small piece (with lots of frosting). That does it for me.

The last few years of the beach urchins’ tenure at Haisley, I was the PTO treasurer. My main and only responsibility at the ice cream social was to keep track of the *money*. I was *good* at that and I was trusted by the principal and others enough that I had a key to the office so that I could retreat to a private place when I needed a counting house. At the end of the night, I took the money home to finish reconciling the accounting as best I could and further organize the cash and coins into a bank deposit. Yes, they trusted me to take the money home. Although the school is a quick walk behind our house, on those nights, the GG would drive the POC the mile or so around into the school parking lot to pick me up and escort me and the ice-cream social money home safely. Ya nevah know who might be lurking in the Deep Dark Scary Woods between the school and the Landfill.

So today, after some lack of communication, I porterized myself at Knight’s tonight. Somehow JP managed to get a rezz at the late time that he called and there we were. And so g’night.

2 Responses to “Back in the ice cream social days”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Sometimes, the best things in life come with short planning!
    –Cornfucius say

  2. Margaret Says:

    Great memories! My kids’ school had a carnival, with lots of games and a cake walk too. For some reason I love cake walks, although I never won.