Cryptobiotic soil book blahg

It’s been a while. What the heck has KW been reading… So, I started “The Power” back in December some time. But then I abandoned it to start the Outlander series and I read through that WHOLE 8-book and counting series. It’s almost kinda like the Duggar family although I can’t help wondering when some of those kids are gonna leave the fold and make oodles of money writing tell-alls. Like what is it like to be the 20th(?) child in that family? But I’m way off track.

I was enjoying “The Power” before I left it for Outlander but I didn’t return to it right away. I eventually did and although I liked it well enough, I thought it was a bit ambitious. I’m not sure I can ‘splain that exactly. The premise (not sure that’s the right word, wordsmiths?) is that women discover an “organ” that allows them to electrically shock people in various degrees all the way up to electrocution. Of course this upends the “world order” of males dominating women via [usually] superior strength.

I dunno. I am a woman who has encountered various sorts of harassment by men throughout my life. The idea of having a way to disable a rapist or whatever is something I have often fantasized about, I mean besides carrying a gun, which I am not “into”. This novel offered an interesting solution to those problems but, well, things went a little crazier than I wanted them too. I’d’ve liked it a lot more as a greatly truncated short story.

“News of the World” was my next book. It had been hanging around the Landfill in paperback form for a couple of years. I finally downloaded it. Love Love Love. Set in 1800s Texas. Journey to take a white girl Indian adoptee home to family. A sweet story but not without violence. It was after I finished this book that I realized exactly *how much* I liked it.

Then I read “The Luminaries”, which was about digging for gold in New Zealand back in the 1800s. I wanted to like this book but it didn’t totally grab me. After I finished it I checked out the reviews on Goodreads and realized that I was not alone. Still, it isn’t a *bad* book, just a little slow reading for me and it was framed by the zodiac, which I am not interested in. Although part of my lot in life is folks born under the sign of Taurus, can I say STUBBORN? I was thinking that knowing the zodiac might help me with the book but other people who reviewed it said nah, that isn’t all that important.

So then… I read “The Wild Birds”. It was a palate cleanser, one that I read in 24 hours and I think I needed that. Set in various places on the west coast and Arizona. I learned about this book via the birder’s list I have subscribed to via email for about a gazillion years. The book author gave some sort of presentation on The Planet Ann Arbor a while back. I did not go to the presentation but it sounded interesting enough that I put it on my Goodreads to-read list. Cryptobiotic soil? Yes but we won’t go any further with that today 🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Besides my Book Club books, I’m also tackling Lord of the Rings for the first time. It’s the kind of book I enjoy, but also very long.