No bears here

It didn’t start raining until I was back from my walk and although I don’t usually mind walking in the rain I was glad to be able to sit on the Green Couch reading as I watched the rain. A beautiful warm rain with no lightning and I will not have to water my flowers for a couple days.

Picked away at various chores until after The Sunday Morning song [youtube link] and the ancient jazz that follows it. I am not “into” jazz. I am not *not* “into” jazz. I am a classically trained [inactive] musician who was “into” analyzing/parsing all kinds of classical music. I could probably analyze/parse jazz too but I prefer to let it play in the background. Late at night or Sunday morning. I don’t like *all* jazz. I probably couldn’t tell you which jazz genres I *do* like. In my youth I used to say things like, “I really need to get more ‘into’ jazz.” Huh? Well, yes and no.

And then I took the Ninja over to the Plum. Yes, I drove. For one thing, I knew I would buy more stuff than I could schlep home on my back. Also, Ninja needed gasoline so I had an additional errand that Ninja needed to be present for. I didn’t go through Joyce’s Plum line today. She was busy so I went through my Canadian friend’s line instead. I caught Joyce on my way out. Or she caught me. I her told that I couldn’t use my Plum Rewards phone app today because I didn’t have any rewards to redeem (a while back, she shamed me into learning how to use my rewards app). She told me she recognized my long gray skirt out of the corner of her eye so she knew I was there.

I am gonna try making what BFF calls a pork stack tonight. It is one of her inventions and it isn’t just a big pile of meat, it has rice and veggies – spinach, bok choy, and green onions. I’m subbing green garlic that I got at the farmers market for the onions. Since I chopped it up yesterday, it is “stinking” up my refrigerator royally 🐸.

I wrote all of this hours ago and now the gg and Mouse are home from their odyssey and I am kinda done. Food is warming in the oven and we are chilling in the back yard. And there are no bears here.

2 Responses to “No bears here”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Like you I don’t mind being out in the rain, but it’s not my preference. Around here I would rarely exercise if I avoided the rain. 🙂 I’ve never been a fan of jazz–not enough melody for me usually.

  2. Sam Says:

    I’m honored!