Inbound, outbound, outtakes everywhere

I’ve been hearing the terms “inbound” and “outbound” during my entire tenure at Cubelandia. I have never understood them. They are part of a vocabulary that our really long-term folks, those who have a background with our legacy system, bandy about left and right and people like me are left staring like deer in the headlights. I mean, in my Childhood Career, I worked with a legacy system over at That Darn EPA. It just isn’t the same legacy system as the one we are in the last little bits of migrating off of at Cubelandia.

Today, “inbound” and “outbound” came at me from a whole different direction and I floated one question over the wall and upon receiving the answer, the train at long last came into the station. I got visio up and running and within 15 minutes, I had three “pictures” illustrating all of this stuff. By George, I think I’ve got it!

Job Jar? Job Jar? I know that wouldn’t fly around here but I did so want the screen door to magically replace the glass door today. And then, I was hauling a huge basket of Great Grey-Green Greasy Limpopo camping clothing down to the Landfill Dungeon. The GG noticed what I was doing and asked if I needed any help. Help? It is laundry? How many loads of laundry have I done in my life? He then made noises about how *he* had planned to do that laundry today. Oh, feeling guilty are we? You snooze, you lose.

Just to keep the peace around here, I would never make a Job Jar. The GG does a lot of good work of his own volition and I know that if I want something done, USUALLY all I have to do is ask. But the Job Jar reminds me of my old work buddy Louie-Louiiiii. When I mentioned that the GG was going to retire, L-L was ALL ABOUT the concept of a Job Jar and mentioned it every time the subject came up. I miss that old boy. I hope he is doing okay.

That is about all of the random stuff I can muster up today. G’night!

One Response to “Inbound, outbound, outtakes everywhere”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My mom is fond of telling me all the stuff I NEED to be doing since I’m retired. I don’t always appreciate that, although I do love the woman. Education has its own sets of vocabulary, and they change all the time. Inservice days into professional development, goals and objectives into lots of different verbiage. 🙂