UKW did a beachy type bucket list thing which was to swim from Round Island to shore. We facilitated it by taking her out to the island in the Motor Bote. I rowed us back to shore and we towed one of our neighbors’ paddleboards behind the bote just in case UKW needed it. She didn’t but please please please y’all, bote safety first. Actually, I was amazed at how little time it took before I could declare a Second Sandbar alert meaning that UKW could touch bottom if she wanted to.

So this is the bote photooo I sent to my loverly boss Amazon Woman when she texted me to say that I hadn’t finished my mid-year review and could I do that. I have not *ever* completed a mid-year review and no one has ever seemed to care *ever* and so I had been cavalierly ignoring messages to do one.

But of course, I did my review, which consisted of selecting dropdown options of “on track” or “not on track”. Of course I am on track. I am always on track. Jeebus. I texted AW back to say I *thought* I had finished my review and I sent her the Bote photooo, which she loved.

We filled up with a few more folks today. I am loving it and I know that The Commander would love all of these people here too. Children and grandchildren of hers and Radical Betty’s and friends of theirs. We are having so much fun. Love.

3 Responses to “Botes”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Looks like a great day for The Swim!

  2. Jay Says:

    I have a 6 month review on Monday. But it is an in person check in. And I am anything but on track this time.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I love the boat photo too! Our teacher evals got more and more complex and we had to fill out all sorts of forms. When I was a year out from retirement, I did the bare minimum because what were they going to do? Fire me? 😉