“It was grumpy out last night”

That’s [part of] a text message I got this morning during the daily stand-up. I’ll say it was grumpy out last night! Man oh man. I didn’t sleep on the Green Couch but I left for Cubelandia this morning while the bear was still snorting around in his lair. Apparently things are “better today”. I sure hope so. My day was okay except that I was ON EDGE the whole dern time. This against the week’s backdrop of political crapola. A horrible week for any reasonable feminist pro-choice survivor of sexual assault person. Note I didn’t say woman. There are plenty of men out there who agree with me and fit that description. This kind of crapola is bad for ALL of us! Fortunately I had a coffee date with MMCB, which provided me with someone to solve the problems of the world kvetch with. If that’s what friends are for, she did triple duty today 🧡🧡🧡

P.S. To those few of you who may actually care enough to be worried about me, this is all First World stuff – of the sort that cannot be spelled out in detail on my blahg. About all I can say is that travel and adventure (and maybe the red tide) are in my immediate future.

Love y’all and g’night, KW

2 Responses to ““It was grumpy out last night””

  1. Margaret Says:

    Been a stressful and upsetting week for sure. Take care, my friend! P.S. Nothing better than a coffee date. I have one tomorrow.

  2. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    Yes. It IS a very stressful time. I am absolutely filled with angst.