Time to compost these?

They had a loooonnnnng run. Not even two weeks ago they were still in full-tilt boogie My Cup Runneth Over mode. I have good luck with impatiens (usually) but I don’t think I’ve ever had them do as well as they did this summer. I didn’t even have to water them too often. I’m talking about the impatiens in the Landfill Backyard. We won’t discuss the moomincabin impatiens, which did not do all that well. Except for the little pot on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench. That one did fine except I never found a cute little Turquoise Buggy on it…

For comparison, I took this pic on October 6.

Today was NOT a fun day. I OVERSLEPT! I NEVER OVERSLEEP! Oh, not late enough that I was “late” to Cubelandia (whatever that means), but I had to skip my 0-skunk-30 walk. Then, when I got to Cubelandia, I felt “sleepier” than usual. I am a Morning Person! So, I got a cup of coffee. Just ONE cup, mind you. It was from the Brown-lidded Pot, which is regular strength. I do not go near the ultra-strength Blue-lidded Pot. Of course then I spent a couple hours on the ceiling until I finally got my Coffee High under control. And I was hot all day. I have switched over to my Winter Uniform and it was not cold enough today for that. Finally, I took an unusual length of time to get over the Monday “what do I do for a living?” thing. When I did find a direction, it took me immediately to a total rat’s nest in our high-fidelity prototype. One that’s gonna take a whole bunch of the boring kind of html coding to fix.

I just told the GG that if he didn’t want to hear me talking to the radio, he needed to get some music on his pod or whatever it is PDQ. Why? Because the Orange Baboon was talking on the radio and I am just about at the end of my rope with that Gomer (as a friend once called a crush of mine that she didn’t approve of and guess what, she was RIGHT!). Now we have some Celtic fusion on and I am lovin’ it.

One Response to “Time to compost these?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My annuals did the same thing(mostly) once we started getting cold nights. I hated oversleeping and having my morning routine disrupted. I would feel discombobulated for the whole day. Talking to the radio, or yelling at it? 😉 I love Celtic music!