Kleenex (used) with blue footed booby

Soooo, the GG approached me at my Green Couch seat this afternoon and accused me of spending the last 10 days in it. Well, not… Walking, going to grokkery stores, cooking, wrapping pkgs, etc., etc., etc. Sometimes I think my “chores” are invisible to him because I just doooo them. Dishes hand and musheen, unloading the musheen, cooking, laundry, bathroom, garbage, recycle, menu planning, running roooooomba. The GG does most of the other vacuuming although I forced myself to learn how to use the new cordless Dyson a couple weekends ago and I liked it so much I think I’m gonna get one for the moomincabin. I hate running the upright around but we do need one of those here at the Landfill.

We don’t have (and never *have* had) an official division of day-to-day household labor around here and we rarely argue about piddly little chores. I normally do the dishes because I dooooo dishes. It was fun when I was a kid, nowadays it is a chore easily dispensed with and yes, if you visit my house, keep a firm grip on any drinking glass you want to use again because I will likely snag it and wash it. Plus doing the dishes gives me a bit of spacification. I don’t mind giving this chore over to others from time to time but really, in a 2-person household, how hard can it be? I am also (you are guessing this already) particular about how they are done, like what goes in the dishwasher and what doesn’t and I sort the silverware in the dishwasher (yes really). I am particular about other chores too, like I do NOT dry various items in the dryer! And one of my alter egos is Garbage Woman. More on that some other day…

But yes today I did spend most of the day on the Green Couch reading. That was not necessarily a good thing (I mean sitting wasn’t a good thing, reading is always good!) but it was what it was. I woke up before six like always and it was raining catz and dogz. That is not enough to stop me from going outside but I have a MAN COLD so, what the heck, slugging in bed seemed like not the worst option for a weeee bit. I *was* up and showered by seven though because the sun does not rise here until after eight at this time of year and I LOVE sitting on the Green Couch in the morning dark. It continued to rain catz and dogz until about noon, then it got foggy as all getout. Rain again later? We’ll see. I will say that now that I am upright again, I am coughing less and more productively.

So this is my interior view from the Green Couch today. There is my little wastebasket filling up with used Kleenexes to catch the outflow of mucous from my Man Cold (TMI?). And my skinny little blue foot (skinny aside from the bunion I inherited from my mom’s side of the fam). And my Blue Plaid (yes, blue) Woolrich blanket/throw. Note that I wasn’t cold, it was just cozy. We aren’t exactly Hygge around here but we do have a lot of blankets.

BTW, the GG did not get Out of Bed until [drum roll] NINE AM this morning, so I’m pretty sure I am not the only person slugging. Maybe he has my Man Cold🐽🐽🐽

2 Responses to “Kleenex (used) with blue footed booby”

  1. isa Says:

    Thank goodness you two took it easy for once yesterday. Doesn’t hurt to have a slow day here and there you know, especially when one has had a cold.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Colds are energy sapping for sure! I do that with drinking glasses too!!