Sick bay and duplications

I took a sick day today. I cannot remember the last time I took a sick day. I have not (until today) taken any sick time in 2019 and pretty sure I didn’t take any in 2018. I couldda looked it up this morning when I cracked open my work laptop to email Amazon Woman but I did not and ain’t no way I’m gonna open up that thing again today.

Sick? Yeah. It’s a Man Cold and the main symptoms are koffig, sdeezig, ad blowig by doze. No fever or sore throat or fatigue or headache (but I never get headaches). Just seemed like a good thing to lie low for a couple days. I knew that NOBODY on my team would be at work today, in fact I’m not even sure if Amazon Woman got my email because she is OOO until January 2. Since she is also the building manager I am guessing she is occasionally sneaking into her email.

I did my usual chores today plus continued to clean up after xmas. Plus. Reorganize the spice cabinet(s)! What a frickin’ mess! How many containers of paprika do I need? Four? Really? Nooooo. How do you organize little containers of herbs and spices? Well. YEARS ago, I was lamenting this issue down on the moominbeach and the White Tornado (my Aunt Katie, busy UBER efficient doctor’s wife/mother of four of my cousins) had the obvious answer. What is it? Alphabetization of course! And I was doing that but, at the time, I was storing my herbs and spices on the crappiest lazy susan on earth. It had NO RIM so if you turned it too fast (and that wasn’t very fast), things would fall off. And things just got messy…

I love these custom drawers that the GG installed when we gutted the Landfill Chitchen. But things still get messy. It’s worse now because I try to make sure there is a basic supply of herbs/spices at the moomincabin every summer but I do NOT leave them there over the winter because I do not leave FOOD there over the winter. No matter how hard I try, duplication happens. So today, I re-alphabetized (and even “combinded” a few duplicates when possible) but I know we’ll have a mess again. I did find a small number of duplicate UNOPENED containers! Including one of the four containers of paprika! Maybe you can see those on the counter there in front of the rainbow striped thingy? Maybe Food Gatherers would like them?

One Response to “Sick bay and duplications”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you’re giving your body a rest!