Into the future

The powers that be have decided to close our beloved Cubelandia building on the last day of this month. If you haven’t been following along, it is the BUILDING that’s closing. No jobs were lost (for now butchya never know) and everyone in this small backwater office is now a full time forever telecommuter. I have mixed feelings about that albeit largely positive.

When we left back on March 12, we knew the writing was on the wall but I actually expected to work at the office the next day. So I left everything there, not that I had much. I got the “stay home tomorrow” text when I got home that afternoon and haven’t been back since.

As part of the closing process, Amazon Woman scheduled a limited number of people to go to the office to clean out their cubes each day beginning last week, AFTER a professionally done COVID cleaning. The logistics were such that no one was scheduled on the same day as a neighbor and I am glad I didn’t have to figure all that out although the fact that our building has been underutilized for years may have made it easier.

Today was my day.

So here I am at Cubelandia for the last time. I doubt if I have ever posted a pic of the building before.

I was all set to take my last Zen Commute this morning when I had a “panic attack”! I couldn’t remember the 4-digit code that opens the door! I have had the same code for 13 years 🐽. All the way over there I tried to remember it. Does it start with a 5? When I got to the door I knew it didn’t start with a 5, it starts with a 3. Still it took me two tries to get the door open.

I dunno what you think of when somebody says “cubicle”. Probably not something this huge. I think these may have been built to hold a LOT of hanging file folders and maybe a printer or whatever. All I have ever used in mine is a laptop. I have NEVER used the phone. Well, almost never. The first couple years I worked there every time I answered it somebody was looking for the “court”. Either that or Brooooosie was hanging out monopolizing my time and a co-worker was calling to give me an excuse to end the conversation. (Brooooosie did that to everybody, not just meeee.)

I walked outta there today with one grocery bag of stuff. There were designated places to dump off office supplies and cables and power-strips and the like and I did. Then there was the Garage Sale, which is in the lunchroom, where you could dump off anything you didn’t want to take home, like knickknacks. If you embiggen the next pic, you might be able to see the glass knickknacks that I put into the Garage Sale. Those loverly artifacts were given to me by Broooooosie a few years ago when we renovated and moved cubes around and he was told to get rid of some of his stuff because it was overflowing into the aisle outside his cube.

And I am out and this is the last time I will ever park in My Own Personal Parking Space. Such a beautiful day. Look at that little green lens flare. Sayonara Cubelandia.

2 Responses to “Into the future”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I know that we adjust well to things(we have to learn how to) but this post makes me a little weepy. I’m sadder than you are! I enjoyed your stories of working there and the people with their interesting nicknames.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    It’s the end of a chapter, and I’m finding chapter-closings rather sad. (I still look back at all those years using our white trash camping trailer as our Harstine Island “cabin” with great fondness and some sadness, even though the house is wonderful). I’m not sure if I would have handled full-time telecommuting well. I did it now and then when I was on hair-on-fire deadlines, but it was a pain with wonky VPN and a tiny company laptop. At the office I had two BIG screens (necessary!) and so I’d have to set up properly at home to make it work. Alas, don’t have to worry about it as a retiree!