It’s getting put in today. I am not there but my cousin is. This is her pic. I’m sure she doesn’t care if I post it. It’s obviously just a quick-and-dirty point-and-shoot but that doesn’t matter. No need to get all artsy to get a pic of a fiber optic installation crew.

My cousin saved the day. The fiber optics crew we’ve been expecting at the moomincabin all summer came today and for unknown reasons that I can’t fathom, our cabin was not on their list. What was even weirder about this was that the Old Cabin *was* on their list. This is odd because the moomincabin has had a DSL and wi-fi for going on 10 years, i.e., I pay them monthly. The Old Cabin does *not* have a landline or internet. They use ours (and I am HAPPY to let them).

I’m not sure what the confusion was or what criteria gets you on the “list” but all’s well that ends well. My cousin was THERE (I did not know that) and I was HOME to get her phone call (but what the heck, I am ALWAYS home) and she was able to ensure that we got on their list and then sent me the pic to verify that they installed it.

2 Responses to “Fiber”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Actually, you have a new wire that is lying on the ground. I think that neither end is connected yet. There are a couple of big orange cables sticking out of the ground by Jan’s. Only the Maas have a new utility box by the Green Tunnel Road and like everything else, it looks to be still under construction. Still, they should be done laying fiber this week.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Hmmm, it seems like we have to stay on top of everything these days. Glad it’s working (worked?) out.