The devil went down to Georgia…

Nipping in and out of twitter today, I actually watched a few video clips. I normally cannot stand to watch videos on the internet. Most people are absolutely AWFUL videographers. I include myself in that group. Amateur videos always seem to start with NOTHING happening FOREVER and then maybe five seconds of some kind of lame action. And I can’t do more than maybe three minutes tops of clips from speeches/shows/whatever. Today I found myself wanting to hear people’s voices.

My new super-hero, none other than Mary Trump! How on earth did tRump family DNA produce a person who thinks like, well meeeee? She does not think her vile tRumpian uncle will run in 2024. This is exactly my opinion. She states it much more eloquently than I ever could but I think he is dun dun dun and will do something in “the media”. He will want to keep the focus where he wants it, on HIM. I hope Mary and I are not wrong.

Katie Porter where have you been all my life? I have read snippets here and there about Representative Porter and her white board. Today I went down a mini rabbit hole watching her make old white male fossils squirm when they didn’t know the answers to simple yes/no questions. I am in LOVE! This is how I run my life except I don’t because I am waaaaayyy too shy to do what I saw her do today. Do not misinterpret my message here. I am sure she doesn’t limit her laser-focused quest for facts and data to what I called old white male fossils but those I saw today fit that description. Except maybe for Mnuchin but who knows what his hair status actually is. Facts and data please. “I have a few lawyers who report to me” does not answer the question, “Do you have a law degree?” “Yes” or “No” does. And Ms. Porter has a law degree. From Harvard if I have it right.

And then the devil went down to Georgia. I’m not sure why I clicked on that link. It showed ole Landscape Rudy entering some building in Georgia and walking around refusing to answer questions. I saw exactly TWO masks in that whole video and Rudy was shaking hands, etc. The building was not crowded but maskless people were sitting together in groups that suggested they had not been isolating together since March… I mean… Two couples? Or a few men and a woman? Naaaawwww.

Okay, I know that Rudy is NOT the devil but now I can’t get that song outta my head.

That sunset? Me and my mouse saw basically the same sunset although I’m on the Planet Ann Arbor and she’s out in Manchester. And actually the GG is down in O-haaaa-o where he saw a similar sunset.

Those yellow coils? Gas meters are being moved from the back of our houses to the front and this is part of the project.

3 Responses to “The devil went down to Georgia…”

  1. jane Says:

    I love Katie Porter too! She’s just a rock star. She knows her stuff and doesn’t take BS for an answer.

    Have you read Mary Trump’s book? It’s quite good. Interesting family back story. It explains a lot, without letting it be used as an excuse. Don’t expect to ever see her invited to a family gathering in the future!

    And yes, the sunset was very cool this evening. Even though it’s too early for my liking.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Gorgeous sunset! I’ve heard of Katie Porter but will have to check her out. Mary Trump’s warnings about her uncle have been spot on. Even when we thought he couldn’t go lower, he keeps trying.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I’m glad you explained what the yellow rings were. They catch (or match) the sunset light beautifully!