Door knockers

Today, for the second time since, uh, well, before you know what, somebody knocked on the door! The first time was back in June when the idealistic clean water kids come around on their yearly attempt to extract money from me. During a pandemic? Yes…

I’m not counting the delivery folks who sometimes do a perfunctory bang on the door to alert me that my stuff is here before running back to their vee-hickles. As a full-time telecommuter who works (yes, still) on the Green Couch by the front window, I see almost everything that gets delivered.

I’d’ve been a lot more startled by today’s knock if I didn’t know the gas meter guys had been in my driveway working on the next door neighbors’ meter and were sure to be hitting me up soon. Still, this being a pandemic, my masked meter person knocked, then stepped waaaaay back off the porch so when I went to answer the door, there was nobody there. Duh. I peered around and found him standing off the porch next to the Ninja.

I said, “Hello! Just a sec, I’m gonna grab a mask” and returned (in a sec) *masked* to talk to him about scheduling our meter move replacement. I’m not sure whether *he* cared about *me* wearing a mask (we were waaaaay far apart) but I feel masks are a form of etiquette these days. I care about my fellow human beings so I will wear a mask. I was glad he was wearing one and I’m glad DTE is taking masks and social distancing seriously. The *two* gas meter guys I’ve talked to in person have been total gentlemen!

We are not porterized tonight, at least not in the usual FaceTime way. There are various text threads going along, as well as some with the beach urchins, who are putting up their OWN xmas trees this year, YAY! The pic is last year at the Oscar Tango. The GG snagged a window seat and I took a pic as I arrived.

The GG is on a long weekend of road hiking in Oh-haaaa-oh and he is in a B&B (with private bathroom). Today was a loooonnng day for him and possibly a bit Karen-ish. So he needs some major chill-out time and also has to scrounge for food because you can’t just go to restaurants now or eat food at the B&B.

2 Responses to “Door knockers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Karen-ish? I’d like to hear that story. It sounds like a hassle to go anywhere these days. (which is as it should be if we’re being careful) I too feel that mask wearing shows good etiquette.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Covid texting, not Covid testing… better to text than test. Ah yes, the ol’ GG at the ol’ OT–saving us all a seat! GG, you might want to order another (virtual) beer because it might be (nyet) another year…