Slug City

The first time I saw a slug in, well, I would say “nature”, but it was in an inside location, was… My lizard moved to San Fran after college and I flew (yes) out to see her in her first apartment out there, which was actually in Berkeley. Incidentally, I LOVED Berkeley and when we went shopping at the Berkeley Bowl, somebody thought I WORKED there and was asking me where various things were. I mean, I flew out from Detroit Metro this morning? I guess I emanate hippie-type vibes from all the years I’ve lived on the Planet Ann Arbor even though we are nowhere near as “hippie” as Berkeley? I soooo wanted to be a hippie when I was a kid but I really wouldn’t have fit in with that crowd. I do still carry some of their values though.

Anyway, there was a slug in the Berkeley Bathroom one morning when I got up to take a shower HOURS before Liz and Jess (BFFs since middle school but that’s a whole ‘nother story) because I was still on eastern time. I was so entranced with the slug (“entranced” is probably not the right word) that I took an iPhone pic. Except I’m not sure I had an iPhone yet. That might’ve been the next year. Anyway. I’m not sure if that was the morning I was separated from my suitcase for a while and had to go commando until I reconnected with it. TMI? Sorry.

Actually, I’m probably lying about my first slug sighting. When the beach urchins were just barely old enough (something like 10 and seven) to be left Home Alone for short periods of time, we took a walk one Saturday and left them Home Alone. When we returned, they were out in the “garden” with a can of beer. Huh? No no no no they were not drinking the beer. They had poured it into a cup to try to trap slugs. Something like that. I can’t really remember. I do remember that our fun partying neighbors the Burkes were watching and were highly entertained. Probably wondering how we would react when we got home. Of course, we just laughed.

So. We are here at the moomincabin and there are slugs EVERYWHERE. I do not remember us ever having slugs here. My cousins Susal and Sandal stopped by today and they are marginally older than me and THEY do not remember slugs ever being here. But they are all over the place and here is the GG sweeping them off the deck. We won’t talk about ticks, which are everywhere in the Great Lake State but do NOT seem to be in our woods yet… … … Knock on wood.

P.S. The “kids” tell me there were slugs here a few years ago. I dunno why but I don’t remember them.

2 Responses to “Slug City”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can see the hippie vibe. 🙂 Slugs, ugh. We have lots of them here, but not this time of the year.

  2. l4827 Says:

    If the GG were to boat over to Portlandia earlier this evening, might have come ashore a bit sooner. Holy Seiche!