Sideways rain

This pic doesn’t really show what my eyes could see but sideways rain was one of our featured weather events today. It rained heavily this afternoon and at some point the wind kicked up over Gitchee Gumee and pushed a ton of rain into our woods and parking area. It’s okay. We needed it.

This storm also featured a lot of thunder and lightning. At the height of the storm, the GG decided he needed to reconnect with one of his Implements of Too Much Fun, which added a new dimension to the sound of thunder. This went on for a long time and so did the storm and we were all a little worried that he might get hit by lightning. But then I realized! HE’S SHOOTING FROM INSIDE THE GARAGE. That meant he was safe from lightning and shooting across our little two-track Cabin Road is much less dangerous than it sounds because on the opposite side of the road is a SWAMP and vehicular traffic is very sparse.

We had lunch from Penny’s Kitchen today! Our young cousinly visitor went to town today on work business and going to Penny’s Kitchen is one of her favorite things to do up here so we put an order in and she picked it up for us. I had a half pesto grill sandwich and a cup of gumbo. It’s been two years since I’ve had a sandwich and gumbo from Penny’s and I WOLFED it all down. Our beach community’s history with Penny’s is long but we won’t go there today. I can say that in addition to their wonderful sandwich menu, I have on multiple occasions watched as an employee has worked with someone to construct a custom sandwich to meet their needs. Picky kid? Gluten-averse adult? They have got your back.

Lizard Breath made us gorgeous chicken and veggies with naan tonight and I am insisting on doing the dishioshios. But I’m gonna wait until Mouse finishes her shower because sometimes running water in the chitchen sink interferes with the running water in the shower.

G’night. KW

One Response to “Sideways rain”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love naan! We need that rain although not the lightning. We have enough fires burning at the moment.