Sunset gals

This was yesterday’s sunset after hours of sturm und drang. There was a seiche down the beach a way but I didn’t get pics of it because I had demanded to do the dishioshios. The gals got some GREAT pics and maybe they’ll send me some so I can share. Hint hint.

BTW “the gals” are my two 30-somethings and their 20-something second cousin. She’s my cousin’s daughter, meaning she’s my 1st cousin once removed. Because I am so close to my cousins on both sides of the family, my tongue keeps slipping up and referring to these young folks as my nieces and nephews, which they are not. We were laughing this morning when the young 1st cousin once removed next door and his lovely SO were leaving. Liz remembered back when they were all little kids and Liz’s grandma (my mom) always kept a supply of cookies around. Our cousin’s grandma (next door) did not (not dissing her at all 🧡🧡🧡). This then little cousin came over one day, pressed his face into the screen door and asked my mom, “What time do you let the cookies out?” Mom was entranced.

This is turning into a pretty good Busman’s Holiday and that’s okay because I happen to like Busman’s Holidays. I have made a grock run every other day or so since all the company arrived. MASKED! And I will make another one tomorrow and maybe even Saturday. I also FINALLY took two green bags of garbage up to the trash compactor on the res today. I love that little drive up on the Road to Nowhere and I extended it today by driving up through the res to Iroquois Lighthouse.

The other thing we are dealing with is that MASSIVE sturm und drang rolled through The Planet Ann Arbor yesterday and The Landfill is without power (we think). npJane offered to go over and check things out and remove stuff from the freezer if necessary. But she doesn’t have her own key and our hidden key seems to have gone missing. Latest estimate on return to power is TOMORROW NIGHT! We have a hardwood floor in the chitchen. I hope it doesn’t get flooded… Whatever happens, we’ll deal with it and we are very thankful that npJane OFFERED to go over there and check things out 🧡🧡🧡. That’s (in part) what cousins are for. JANE, WE OWE YOU BIG TIME!

One Response to “Sunset gals”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful photo! I have no idea what a seishe is? The loss of power is unsettling for many reasons. Now that I have my heat pump, I’m particularly worried about losing electricity and my 72 degree house. (100 isn’t as nice)