Slow mending

I had a big hole in my red maxi skirt and I was caught (by my children) flashing people at Meijer. My children were horrified about this and my mouse fixed the hole. And then she did some fancy embroidery to fix some stuff on the GG’s black fly t-shirt.

I engineered a FinFam Steak Dinner today here at the moomincabin. It worked out well. Steak, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, broccoli, and roasted peppers. It was good but I am kinda done. And my young cousin and her friends did the dishioshios🧡

I watched the great lakes freighter Sykes go down today. The Sykes has been a family fave since forever. Other faves have been the Cliffs Victory which is not around any more. And there’s the Ryerson and I’m not sure if that’s in service any more. The Sykes still is but it doesn’t make into Lake Superior very often so when it does I want to make sure I see it.

One Response to “Slow mending”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, oh on the big hole. Many of my tee-shirts get holes in them, often under the armpit. I’m not sometimes aware of it until it’s pointed out to me. I can’t sew although Ashley can. It’s lucky that you have a seamstress in the family and living close by. 🙂