Alone again, well almost alone

First of all, YES, I did forget to upload yesterday’s post until my mouse asked me about it this morning. I was having toooo much fun.

Sadly, everyone is gone now (except for the guy in the pic and he’s leaving tomorrow). The beach urchins, my “niece” (actually first cousin once removed), and their friends left this morning. In the olden days we frequently had 9-10 people here but back then, a lot of them were like two feet tall or whatever. It’s a bit more challenging when everyone is full-sized and a couple people are over six feet 🐸. I’m NOT COMPLAINING (we do need better beds though). It was waaaaaay fun but probably wouldn’t be sustainable for an entire season, especially one featuring lots of rain and wind. Like the infamous 2-year-old summer (I was the oldest of the three 2-year-olds and remember bits of this but not the egg punching). This summer it’s usually easy to be outside.

I miss my daughters a lot and there were tears upon leave-taking this morning. They are sooooo much help. My “niece” telecommuted most of the week and I loved her quiet companionship. Their friends were wonderful guests. People in both of my families of origin are good at picking friends and significant others. Well they usually are but we won’t go there 🐽

The yeti in the pic is heading down tomorrow and when he gets home he has the loverly chore of disposing of all of the rotten food in the Landfill Refrigimatator. Because the Landfill has been without lucky-shuckial power since… Drum roll… Thursday? I think? I think the storms rolled through on Wednesday but we didn’t lose power until the next morning. At any rate, my mouse swung by on her way home to Moutainland and reports that the loverly hardwood floor is dry. Whew!

We won’t lose much as the fridge was quite empty and most items of value from the freezer are up here. I’ve never been one to own a stand-alone freezer. I figure if I did, I’d be periodically throwing out 10-year-old food. The Planet Ann Arbor is a cornucopia and if you need food, you can get it quickly, even in a pandemic as it turns out. I remember when we thought we’d be eating rice and beans for the duration.

I’m gonna stay here indefinitely, which means I’ll probably drive down later in the week. Why am I staying here? Because I CAN (I’ll be telecommuting). I spent the day slowly cleaning the fridge and reacquainting myself with its contents. It was in great shape but needs a “reset” so it’ll be ready when the cousins from the PacNW arrive around the Labor Day holiday. They’ll be staying next door at our childhood log cabin so the moomincabin won’t be terribly overcrowded but we’ll be buying plenty of food so we can recreate our childhood Community Dinners between the Old Cabin and the moomincabin.

Love y’all, KW

2 Responses to “Alone again, well almost alone”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like saying goodbye to either daughter, especially since they live thousands of miles away. Power losses–ugh. We had a minor one today and the heat pump stopped working, which could have been dire.

  2. jane Says:

    Speaking of no power – my fridge did leak onto the floor, and most of the contents are in the trash. But also, my phone died (unrelated to the storms) and I lost everything. When you get a chance can you text or email phone numbers for your family and also for Aimee? I need to give her some updates from my end.