Working from beach with Mr. Bare Natchur

Yeah, so back into the good old ball and chain today. Amazon Woman moved our weekly touch base meeting to right after the standup and that was a good thing because after my Busman’s Holiday I was having a terrible case of What Do I Do For A Living? It’s hard to describe my job coherently so I won’t but although I certainly have assigned tasks and prodjects, what I actually DO every day can vary greatly. Interestingly enough, I have the same job title as my “niece” (1st cousin once removed). We were a bit thunderstruck to discover that. But she works for a huge retail outfit and I’m in online banking and without talking in detail, we had a meeting of the minds that we likely do very different things on a daily basis. Whatever she does, she is a Force of Nature who is passionate about her career!

We do have bares bears here but this bear scat was out on the North Country Trail somewhere. At this season they are usually deep in the woods although one was encountered on my brother’s commemorative trail a couple weeks ago.

Of course this bear crap dredged up an old memory from when I first started dating my second boyfriend. I was a high school junior and he was a college freshman who had gone to my high school. He was a wonderful person and would never have left me walking around the I500 snowmobile track alone in the dark like Bad BF did. But we didn’t make it. The Commander LOVED the GG and his identical twin but she did once ask me what happened with Second BF. It was an odd question for her to ask but she had married my dad at 22 and was a widow at the time she asked the question and I think she was just curious why I didn’t do the same kind of thing as she did. I’m not sure what exactly happened to me and Second BF but I just kinda fell outta love. I fell IN love with a few guys in between him and the GG but nothing lasted. And I’m not dissing any of those guys. It was what it was and I hope their lives have been happy and successful. Mine certainly has been.

But that wasn’t where I was intending to go with the bear poop thing. When I was first dating Second BF and I was meeting his friends, they were a couple-three years older than me. The drinking age at that time was 18 and they could drink alcohol but I could not (legally) but I did sometimes have a couple beers. One winter night his friend “Chewy” got soooo drunk that my BF dropped him off at his house (where he had a wife and at least one child at like 20 years old). BF for whatever reason didn’t check to make sure he GOT INTO THE HOUSE but then circled back around and found him in the snow. And helped him get inside. Chewy was dubbed Mr. Bear Nature for a while after that.

I’m not sure where these people are now. They were good people. Chewy became a cop. Last I knew BF was an accountant for Boeing maybe? He’s probably retaaarrrred now? I dunno. I do not try to connect with old BFs on Facebook.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s hard to figure out why some relationships work and others don’t. My college one should have been successful–but there were a few too many differences between us. Yet Patt and I were opposites and could make it work, although we didn’t agree on many things.