Washin’ everything I own except my shoes

I actually CAN wash my shoes (Keen sandals) but I didn’t today (and they do NOT go in the dryer!). I did wash, lemme see, eight beach towels, an uncountable number of bath towels/washclothes, and all of the kitchen towels/dishcloths except the gray/white striped one under the sink, which I forgot. And some articles of clothing including two maxi skirts, which I don’t put in the dryers and THIS TIME managed NOT to put them in somebody else’s car🐽 My mouse took some sheets home to wash. I hate messing around with sheets up here and always schlep a sleeping bag, which I am comfortable in. This is an old pic but I used TWO of these triple loaders today.

I am not complaining. Along with being Garbage Woman, I am the head washerwoman around here. When the beach urchins were tots, we would make expotitions to the laundromat with The Commander (their grandmother). They enjoyed those expotitions (lunch and shopping were usually part of the trip). I do remember one incident when they had a little set-to and the woman who ran the laundromat disciplined them. Apparently my mom and I were not taking care of it to her disciplinary standards but it’s okay because she and The Comm were friendly.

After a few years, I took over the laundry. Except The Comm’s underwear, which she preferred to wash herself in her own musheen at the Dillon House. It was a mixed bag whether I had “help” or not. I like to get to the laundromat EARLY so I don’t have to wait for musheens and most teens/preteens sort of turn into slug-a-beds for a few years. So there were fun times like when everybody draped mouse with laundry and fun times when it was just me and Pengo Janetto (my real niece) who was a little younger and not quite as sluggy as the others.

For complicated reasons, I eventually switched laundromats and now go to the Up North place down by the locks. I love this place. I put my laundry in the warshing musheen(s) and go sit OUTSIDE to read or do my morning internet stuff. The warshers are fast and then when I put stuff into dryers, I set my phone timer for the shortest dryer time and go back outside.

This is a great laundromat. Most of the musheens are operational most of the time. The change musheen WORKS! The young man who runs the place is friendly and the bathroom is clean although I still avoid it. This is my third trip to the laundromat this summer. When I first went, mask wearing was spotty including the GG who insisted on accompanying me but then walked down to Frank’s for breakfast. Mask wearing has increased the last two times. Because I go EARLY, there are very few customers while I’m there and I spend most of my time outside.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s good that you can find ways to pass the time, and that it’s a comfortable and well-maintained place. I haven’t been to a laundromat in years; in fact, I’m not even sure where one is located in my general area.